Just 7 years or so...

It's been years...
7 years or so, this account has been that old 😂. But still, i always fail to write a single post, even for an introduction ✌.
Looking back then, i made this LJ for a solely purpose of reading 1896 (KHR) fics. Hence the propic i still use from the very start.
I made so many memories here, on LJ. I made friends, got many info n interesting things, n read more fanfics ofc 😂 . i met Nina, Sacchi, Ai-san, Tori, n so many more that i can't write down their name here (Hope u guys well wherever u are now 💗)
So now i write my very first post, to remind me, that this place, once become my favorite comminity blog.
With love


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